Green Foot Mama Much More Than Skin Deep

Imagine this: Curling up somewhere soft and cosy, and falling asleep peacefully. While you sleep, the laundry and dirty dish fairies are busy at work. The dinner pixies are getting down to business. And the rest of the boring chore fairies are weaving their magic too.

Meanwhile in your dream state, you are resting and healing, growing and transforming. Effortlessly and gracefully. You are free to be fully present to saturate yourself in self love while everything menial gets done in the background.

When you wake, your sense of peace and rejuvenation swarms you, gently guiding you to just get on with doing what you love.
This, cherished tribe, is the process mirrored by our intuitive approach to skincare. Forgetting the nasties, making things simpler and working on all levels so you are free to get on with doing what you love.


Our physical ingredients exist for nourishment of the body combined with the intuitive and healing properties of pure essential oils and native botanicals for the mind and soul.
For example: our Organic Defence not only creates a physical barrier to repel and protect, but also works on an energetic level to remove the feeling of ‘being under attack’.


Our Organic Sun – creates a nourishing protective barrier from the sun, and soothes sunburn, while also attending to the heart chakra, opening and restoring love and commitment to your desires.


There is so much more to our gorgeous range of balms than meets the eye. From the soil to the shelf to your skin, every act to produce and deliver our range of products is done with clear intention and kindfullness, enabling wellness, connection to nature and peace of mind.

We hope you enjoy ALL of the benefits they offer.


With Warmth and Kindness,
Olivia xx

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