Organic Sun

Thought I would share this in case anyone has been hunting for a great sun balm. I have just found THE BEST SPF moisturiser from Green Foot Mama. It stays on, it’s 100% organic, natural safe, cruelty free and it works…passed the sweat test….smells good too

– Suni, via Facebook

I am in love with Greenfoot Mama’s organic sun! The most important thing for me is that it doesn’t have any nasties in it, but wait until you smell and touch it – I’m pretty sure it’s the cacao that makes this balm something special, it’s divine, I had to try not to eat it!

– Rochelle –

There are many creams on the market. I was absolutely stoked to come across Greenfoot Mama, produced in Byron Bay Australia. It works better than any cream I’ve used before, it’s planet friendly and it can also be used as an after sun balm. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this product. You can purchase it here and see for yourself

– Liss Connell, Life in the Slow Lane

We love your skin balm. Only cream my family use

– Lauren, via facebook

My lovely, thoughtful cousin in law just sent this dreamy SPF moisturiser in the mail. It is natural with cocoa butter, fair-trade coconut oil, essential oils of lavender and myrrh, made right here in Australia.  It is super silky, just Devine! Would make a great everyday moisturiser although I suspect our whole family will use this up in no time!
– Gemika – Barefoot In The Kitchen

Found, tested and bought an awesome locally made #organic #natural #moisturiser today. Being made from coconut oil, natural mineral zinc, essential oils and raw cacao this is an absolutely awesome product! Easy to apply and smells divine. It’s also baby safe and coral safe – which is something that I hadn’t given a lot of thought to before, all the synthetic and chemical laden sunblocks and the effect they have on the marine eco-system. Absolutely loving everything about this sunbalm! It’s good for the environment and your skin
– georgia.rhodes, via Instagram

Things don’t get much better than Green Foot Mama’s fabulous extra virgin organic coconut oil and natural zinc oxide balm. This non-greasy formula can be used as a soothing balm, as well as an SPF moisturiser
– Helen Hawkes, The Northern Star

We have been after the most natural sun protection we could find, coming from the UK and having very pale skin, skin cancer is of huge concern for our family, as it the chemical load in our bodies. We found the Organic Sun balm from Greenfoot mama and I tested it first. I used it at a really hot day mid summer, at a theme park and worked beautifully. My youngest has since used it several times at swimming at school and worked perfectly. Highly recommend. I also have the Organic Skin balm. I will be a frequent customer and so excited to see what other products become available in the future 🙂
– Fairystar267, via email submission

Yes! I’ve almost finished mine and LOVE it!! Even use it sometimes when the sun is not out because it smells so AMAZING! I’ll have to get a new one
– Margreet, via Instagram

Green Foot Mama’s range are amazing & perfect to protect and replenish.  I like to use Organic Sun. I work outdoors a lot so this one is perfect for me as its nourishing as well as protective.
– Nicola Robinson-Evans

Just a quick note to say how much we are loving the organic sun. Both my son and myself are very pale with sensitive skin, and we’ve had problems with some of the big name natural sunscreens – until now. Another plus has been when my son started kindy last week, he was required to bring his own ‘roll on’ sunscreen so he can apply himself. There are no natural sunscreens available in roll on form that I could find, but he takes his tub of organic sun and applies himself so problem solved. Up until your balm Jasper hated having it applied, but he’ll happily put on ‘Olivia’s cream’ because it smells like chocolate
– Ngaire, Brisbane.

Hi, I bought the organic sun at Lennox Head last week, I absolutely love it, I used it morning and nightI just love it on my face and even feel younger. Don’t worry I am spreading the word.
– Susan, via web submission

So I’ve been using your organic sun for sometime now BUT on Friday when I used it I noticed something different, a good difference that is.  My partner and I went fishing in the Richmond river and it was a nice sunny day with a max temp of 28 degrees and a slight breeze, we covered our face and ears in your cream and where wearing long sleeve shirts, whilst We where on the water I felt rather cool on the face which other occasions when I’ve used other store bought SPF moisturisers I’ve felt oily and HOT but with organic sun it was so cooling which was lush specially when you love being out on the water for a fair while.
– Arran, Byron Bay

Stoked and very impressed with Green Foot Mama products! Great to finally have access to locally produced 100% organic SPF moisturiser that really works. Thanks to Green Foot Mama!

-Joel Beck, Beck Surfboards

Also happy with the products!! And the Organic Sun smells so good it was hard to resist not to lick…
– Gabriela, via facebook

Smell great-combo of chocolate and coconut! Texture is silky. It also is great for aftersun repair
– Darlene, via facebook

The best ever So yum Skin Food

– @thespacesydneyvia instagram

I highly recommend the sunbalm. I have been using on my 3.5yo for the past two summers and it is great. He reacts terribly to supermarket sunscreen but this SPF moisturiser is very light and gentle on his skin
– Lisa Jane, via facebook

Organic Skin

Not only does it smell and feel divine though Skin Balm does what it says! Soothes and nourishes; both me and the planet! As a wholefoods expert and advocate of clean living with incredibly sensitive skin, this product is exactly the kind of thing you search high and low for! Well I used to anyway, not anymore!

– Nadia Felsch, writer, speaker and wholefoods cook

My 5 month old daughter was suffering redness in her nappy area. After trying some natural creams I resorted to a chemist product. This didn’t really help either. A friend told me about the Green Foot Mama Organic Skin. Although I had felt let down by other natural creams, I gave this a go. I was able to bath my daughter with minimal distress. I have been using this as our nappy change cream now for a few months and we have had healthy smooth skin ever since. This balm is incredible and smells gorgeous too!

– Carolyn, Perth

We love your skin balm. Only cream my family use

– Lauren, via facebook

My toddler is extremely sensitive to most creams and lotions. I’ve tried several natural and commercial creams which were marketed as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ but she reacted to them all the same. I applied the Green Foot Mama Organic Skin and no reaction. Amazing! Knowing that there is a more natural cream that really is honest about it’s ingredients has really given me peace of mind.

– Sally, Byron Bay

I have 3 boys who are very active. Always grazing, bumping and hurting themselves. The Green Foot mama organic skin has become a very important part of our family. I use it on everything. It’s easy to apply and seems to do the trick. I love it!

– Jill, Sydney

Organic Defence

Absolutely loving this beautiful balm to keep the mozzies away while camping on the water, after all the rain.  It’s nourishing, natural, safe and infused with the best essential oils around✌?⠀

@keola_soul via instagram

Green Foot Mama, I love you! Your Organic Defence really works! I’ve finally found something that protects me and my family. No more rushing indoors at the end of the day, no more nasty smells, and no more wasting our money on products that claim to work, but don’t.  I was recently with friends and pulled out the Organic Defence. Everyone remarked how lovely it smelled and my friend was astonished that it actually worked!  Thank you for making a local, organic product that I can trust and rely on.
– Stacey, via email submission

 I love it! I have tested it on myself and my grandchildren. I love that it’s all natural, easy to apply, non greasy and smells nice too – no need to wash it off before going to bed either! works this well in deterring sandflies, as I’ve heard it does, I will be a very happy camper!
– Lee, Lennox Head

I live on a farm in northern NSW surrounded by trees and water. The first time I tried the Organic Defence I was impressed. It smells great, wasn’t greasy, natural and it worked for everybody that used it. Great Product!
– Aaron Collett, via email submission

Organic Defence all I can say is it’s AMAZING, the smell is Divine and it’s easy to apply. I tried it on my two children and they love it too. It’s so nice to apply your product to my skin knowing I’m not going to poison my skin with harsh chemicals and most of all I love that it’s made with one of the most important ingredients which is LOVE. Thank you
– Hannie, Byron Bay

Organic Jetset

Your balm was amazing Green Foot Mama! We all used it and couldn’t have made it without xx
– @nutritionist_laurenwillmot via instagram

I really liked the travel balm and found it worked on everything from my hands to hair!
The balm got quite stiff and became hard to use. But once it warmed up a little it worked perfectly!
– Taliah, Virgin Australia

The smell creates a calming & ‘clear minded’ feeling, if that makes sense. I absolutely love the concept and that the products are organic.
– Nicola, Virgin Australia

I’m 6.4 ft and every time I have to get on a plane is pretty much a nightmare, not being able to fit in those short and narrow seats the whole experience just feels stressful. I’m not saying this balm made my legs shorter but on my recent trip to Europe I’ve used it and somehow it managed to ease the journey under several aspects. I didn’t experience dry lips and skin after all those hours with ridiculously strong air-conditioning, I generally felt more relaxed during the travel which means less fatigue at the end of the trip resulting in way less jet-lag to deal with!!
What else can I say? It’s half cream half amazing, not to mention… all natural!! Probably one of the best travel mate you can have!
Flavio, Byron Bay

I have extremely sensitive skin and have spent thousands of dollars on skin products over the years that I have had to give away because I end up with a rash. I have tried products claiming to be suitable for sensitive skin, organic products and most of the expensive brand name products with not much luck. So when I tried the product I was expecting that instant stinging sensation I feel on my face when I try almost every product… it never came so myself and my family continued to use it for the remainder of the 24hr journey and we were extremely happy with it.  We ended our Europe trip in cold and windy Holland so you can imagine our lips and skin were pretty dry. We also had a ridiculously long stop over in China so our journey home was significantly longer than the way there and starting with such dry skin and lips so the Jetset product had some serious work to do.
So after our ridiculously long journey home our skin was feeling better than it did when we left Europe! Would I use this product again? Yes!! Would I recommend this product? Yes!!
– Emmi Jupp via email