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The Transformative Power of Loving Yourself

Most people think of Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, flowers and exchanging presents. For me, February 14th isn’t just about showing your love to other people, it’s also about loving yourself.  Bestowing love upon yourself.  This, in itself, is a powerfully transformative act.

When you start gifting love to yourself and not just to others, you’re able to become more spiritually, metaphysically, mentally, emotionally and physically empowered. Your best self steps forward and allows you to be totally open to the universe and the people around you. Think of it as an enlightened relationship.

Loving yourself.  How?

Sometimes, the very act of flexing that self love muscle can be easier said than done.

When you tap into true self-love and acceptance, then any and all desires you have for yourself come from a place of choice, not fixing.  And it all starts with unconditionally loving and accepting yourself, where you are right now, as you are.

It’s that simple.

Let’s repeat that: Where you are. Right now. As you are. You are perfect.

Remember, you are a woman who is gifted, passionate and determined.  A woman of strength and value. Just like you so freely express love to others, so too should you with yourself.  Life is full of balance and it is your duty to put yourself in the way of beauty; to create light when you are unable to find it.  Through all of the high tides and all of the low, life is, and always will be, a beautiful journey.

The reality is this: when you like yourself, respect, care and nurture yourself, when you believe you really do deserve love, pleasure and to receive what you desire, then life gets sweeter.

It’s an inward journey and there are no quick fixes, but it really is worth it.


One of my favourite ways to begin practising self-love is with the opening heart chakra ritual. Whenever I practise this, I feel so at peace with myself and I almost have this euphoric sensation, like I could take on the world!

With commitment and consistency, you’ll fully feel the transformative power of this practice.

  1. Find a quiet and calm space and set your intentions. Visualise your heart chakra (centre of the heart) and relax your body.
  2. Dab a little of our Organic Sun balm on your skin, just over the area on your chest where your heart is. The lavender and botanical extracts found in this little gem help open and balance the heart chakra. Breathe the nourishing scent in deeply.
  3. Next, visualise the celestial power of a full moon and imagine it as a crystal ball. Hover this energy mentally over your heart chakra.
  4. Slow your breathing and gently fall into a meditative state. Don’t berate yourself if your mind starts to wander, just stop, take a deep breath and bring your attention and energy back to the heart.
  5. As you breathe, visualise a loving green energy flowing to your heart. Enjoy feelings of peace, love and happiness.
  6. When you’re ready, slowly become conscious of your breathing, opening your eyes and taking in everything around with a fresh outlook. Notice the space you have just created within yourself.  Just notice.
  7. Repeat the mantra: “I am love. I let love in. I am kind to myself. I live in peace and gratitude.”

This Valentine’s day, forget about the stock-standard red rose and instead spend a little time and a little lovin’ on you.

How will you be showing love to yourself this Valentine’s Day?

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