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Ingredient Spotlight: Eucalyptus Oil

When you think of the Australian outback, the stunning landscape and the mystical native plants, it conjures feelings of awe and inspiration for this majestic country.  The dramatic geographic diversity and unique raw beauty is so moving, as is the mysterious and ancient cultural history of our indigenous culture.  And there is no plant more associated with Australia than Eucalyptus.

There’s an age old saying: “if you are from this land, you are of this land”.  I believe this right down to the very foods we eat and the ingredients we apply to our skin – especially when it comes to Native Australian Botanicals.

Historical Origins

It’s awe inspiring to know that the health and healing benefits of  Native Botanical ingredients, to this day still aid the Indigenous Aborigines in many of their natural medicine solutions.  That’s why we love using these  environmental wonders to help nourish and nurture our skin, while promoting and supporting business for local Australian farmers and producers.

Many of us are familiar with common essentials oils such as Lavender, Chamomile and Rose Oil, however I want to speak about the holistic and spiritual benefits of Eucalyptus Oil, which has been used by the Aboriginal culture for thousands of years.  You’ll find this beauty in our Organic Defence balm, because it’s a powerful healing ingredient physically, and a metaphysical one too.

Spiritual Benefits

Eucalyptus oil provides support to a part of the human experience that often faces stress and turmoil – the soul.

There’s a deep emotional and spiritual pull in many of us quietly urging us to be ‘sick’.  I tend to think of it as a negative energy sitting on the shoulder of our souls.  Whispering and pestering us to fall into the trap of being tired and feeling poorly.

But it’s not all bad!  Part of the reason I love eucalyptus oil so much is that it can be the natural antidote and saviour to negative energy.  It’s like the upbeat angel of nature, fighting off feelings of defeat, despair or powerlessness.

Eucalyptus oil is amazing for giving us the power to take responsibility for our own wellness and instilling a deep inner-trust within ourselves that our needs can be met – even if we allow ourselves to be well.

Healing Hand

Whenever sickness like the flu or stomach ache is in my house, I blend some eucalyptus and lemon oils with oregano in a diffuser.  It nourishes my soul and gives me courage to ward off negative beliefs and sever any attachment to illness.  I always notice a difference in the mood of my family, as they breathe in the healing aromas.

There are other times that when I start to feel the pull of sickness, I whip out my Organic Defence balm to steep in the uplifting lemon, eucalyptus, black pepper and geranium scents.  Rubbing it into my skin and smelling the energising outdoorsy scent keeps me grounded and reminded of what’s important: listening to the needs of my mind, body and spirit – and acting accordingly.

How do you ward off sickness naturally?   What are your favourite Native Australian Botanicals?

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