The Best Vegan Restaurants in Byron Bay

Living in Byron Bay sure does have its perks.  Growing up surrounded by a smorgasbord of nature and healthy, delicious food, in many ways I’m not surprised that my life has lead me down such a green path.  For me, being green starts with a nourished mindset. I’m an absolute subscriber to the belief that good health starts from within – you are what you eat!

I get asked about my food preferences quite often. With the food intolerances in our family and my passion for health and ethics it certainly is a labour of love at our place!  I’m a flexitarian. I’ve been Vegan, Vego and Paleo. And lived to tell the tale with each ????.  I know what my body resonates with and what knocks it sideways. For me these days it’s more of an intuitive approach – listening to my body and hunting and gathering accordingly.

With inner health never too far from top of mind and living in a foodie’s paradise like Byron, I never have to look too far to find something healthy to nourish my body from the inside out.  And when it comes to eating out, I can never go wrong with vegan food.  From a local perspective (ahem, mine) here are

The best vegan restaurants in Byron Bay
all things organic and raw, their superfood smoothies are the perfect brain boost to start off the day. Oh and their fresh coconuts are to die for on a hot summer’s day…
a mix of vegan and vegetarian offerings, it’s all the taste without the guilt. Try the roast pumpkin salad or aromatic curries!
get there at 8am for an early start and delicious breakfast featuring their signature Morridge. This place definitely has a special place in my heart.
4. The Beet
hats off to the chefs of this lovely vegan restaurant for having a true dedication to inspire people to enjoy and explore ethical, plant-based meals. Relatively new to town, this place is amazeballs. So fresh and vibrant.
a stunning location, and sister cafe to Folke Byron Bay, Woods is the perfect place to grab a morning coffee and organic granola with vegan yoghurt. Their mixed plate with roasted pumpkin, brown rice, fermented beet slaw and other gorgeous goodies is my fave!
THE perfect place for a Sunday session, line your stomach with a healthy tapas-style snacks in plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. And the atmosphere – you’ll be taken aback by their fresh Mediterranean styling and luxe mezzanine.
Happy dining!
Olivia xo
In my opinion, these are the best vegan restaurants in Byron Bay.  What are your favourite places to eat vegan?

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