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Surviving the Trio of Super Moons

Last week’s spectacular Moon is just one of a trio of Super Moons that are coming our way for the next 3 months. This Mega Force is here to stay and shake things up for a while longer. And while the process can feel overwhelming, know that it is paving the way for fresh new energies in the new year.

So things may feel emotional right now. You may feel like you are struggling with some parts of life. Perhaps feeling agitated or fatigued from disturbed sleep. If you are noticing some unresolved past situations popping up, that’s part of this process too. Just know you aren’t alone in this. We are all here together, connected to Mother Moon and being toppled by her spin cycle. The obstacles and marathons are all positive signs that her cleansing and revitalising energies are doing their thing.

Survival Tips for the Super Moons:


Allow time for self care, renew your cellular energy and release longstanding emotional residue from deep within your cells. Eat live foods, drink loads of water and get some rest.


– yourself and others. Let go of past issues and find resolutions to ongoing circumstances. Seek closure and apply it with grace.


– on your journey in life so far. The distance you’ve travelled and the lessens learned. Reward yourself and find gratitude for all that you are and all that you have become.


Create a foundation for new beginnings. Get clear with your boundaries.


-your inner warrior woman. It’s time to find your footing and start creating those miracles!

Let Go

The first of the Super Moons signals the ‘death’ of what no longer serves us, and by next month the ‘rebirth’ begins to take shape. By the new year we will all be able to embrace the wonderfulness that awaits.

Get grounded

Plant your bare feet on the ground (in the sand, soil or on the grass), face the sun and sky and breathe deeply.

Cleanse your Energy body

Immerse your whole body in the ocean or a salt bath to cleanse your energy body.

Sleep better

A warm lavender bath or drop of clary sage essential oil on you pillowcase works wonders.


Use an app or attend a class to stay balanced and relaxed.

And most importantly, go gently.

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