How to be Sun Smart this Summer

The sun is the source of summer beauty – bright, hot and life-giving.  Summer is a supercharged season of activity, intensity and yin energy that can bring out your skin’s incandescent glow.  But there’s a darker side.  Read on to learn how to be sun smart.

It is well documented that Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.  It is critical that we  learn to be sun smart all year round.  It is now medically recognised that there is no such thing as having a healthy tan.  Over-exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause not only severe sunburn, but damage to the skin and eyes, as well as skin cancer.

Although many parents are aware of the potential dangers to their children of sun overexposure, there is always a need for education regarding how to be sun smart. Experiencing frequent sunburn during childhood dramatically increases the risk of sun cancers later in life, so implementing sun protection methods diligently during childhood is key.

Being sun smart means acting sensibly with the understanding that although a sunscreen “screens out” UV radiation, it does not block it entirely.  Although many self-tanning products contain some degree of sunscreen, they also often contain harmful chemicals and could not be considered a smart sun protection option for any person of any age.

There are several natural organic sun protection products available, free of chemicals or foreign ingredients and  completely safe for infants and those with sensitive skins.  They offer some protection from the elements and are significantly gentler on skins than ‘traditional’ sun care products.  Our Organic Sun balm is one such product.

Essential tips for sun smarts
  • cover up with lightweight clothing
  • apply sun protection to the areas of the body that are not covered by clothing
  • always apply sun protection 20 minutes prior to sun exposure
  • use sun protection that contains uncoated, natural mineral zinc oxide and check labels for other nasty chemicals that have been found to increase the risk of skin cancers.  For an easy run down, check out Alexx Stuart’s guide.
  • avoid sun exposure during the hottest part of the day
  • drink LOADS of water
  • increase antioxidants in your diet to improve your body’s natural sun protecting abilities

This summer season, balance and fuel your beauty with healthy practise and safe sun protective measures.  Enjoy a summer brimming with the joyful, nourishing, antioxidant-rich bounty around you.

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