How to Re-use Your Green Foot Mama Jars

Although glass is THE choice when it comes to packaging you can re-use, it is not the right choice for us.

Confronting broken glass when opening an online purchase from us is not pleasant, nor is knocking a product from your bathroom shelf only to have it shatter.  And in our beautiful part of the world, glass is prohibited on beaches, and we were not going to leave our beloved Organic Sun balm behind!

In honouring our passion for personal safety and the environment when creating what is IN the jar, the packaging needed to measure up.  Our jars may look like any old plastic jars but they have a way more awesome story.

Our jars are made from 100% recycled PET plastic, which requires 30% less energy to recycle than virgin PET.  The amber shade protects our balms from external elements and preserves the potency of the essential oils and native botanical extracts.  And there is no leaching of any kind.  PHEW!!


Although our jars are recyclable, to continue the sustainability cycle, we would LOVE for you to re-use them.

To clean the jars, use an undiluted liquid castille soap.  This binds with the remnants of our ingredients and removes the residue – then rinse in warm water, and repeat.  Keep the temperature of the water at or below 60 deg C or the plastic will melt!  You can remove the labels with liquid castille soap or pure eucalyptus oil.

Your good-as-new jars are now ready to hold snacks, safety pins, craft items, herbs and spices and anything else your heart desires. You could even hand-make your own labels to really make them your own!

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