Dangers of Sunscreen

Is Sunscreen Dangerous to Your Health?

Is Sunscreen Dangerous to Your Health?

Everybody knows that sun safety during the warmer months is of the utmost importance. UVB and UVA rays can cause irreversible damage to our skin and bring about undesirable signs of premature ageing, all the way to serious sunburn and in severe cases melanomas.  Everybody needs sunscreen.

But the sun itself is not the only thing offering potential harm to our skin during the sunny season. For years, many have espoused the dangers of chemicals included in many traditional sunscreens, but it has been only recently that people have started to take the claim seriously.

BEWARE: Hidden Chemicals

A sunscreen can protect the skin either through chemical or mineral means.  Chemicals found within ‘standard’ sunscreens have been shown to include toxic chemicals like Oxybenzone, which not only sit on top of the skin but also sink through to the tissue.  They have also been known to cause serious health concerns in both men and women.

Some sunscreens out there include a vitamin derivative that although may sound healthy, in its diluted form is actually an accelerator for cancerous growths.  One such derivative is retinyl palmitate, a Vitamin A derivative which has been shown to speed up the growth of cancerous cells by 21% and can be found in many well known sunscreen brands. Yikes!

Many sunscreens also contain methylisothiazolinone, which the American Contact Dermatitis Society named as its “allergen of the year”.

These little known facts are alarming and cause for warning bells to go off for anyone tossing up which sunscreen is best for them and their family this summer.

Choose Mother Earth

Sometimes the natural, healthy alternative option is difficult to unearth in a market saturated with chemical-laden options.  But look no further than Mother Earth’s abundant offerings.  For years cultures all over the world turned to the amazing healing powers of nature to solve all manner of problems.  Why should the answer be any different when it comes to protecting ourselves these days?

Besides following sun-safe rules like always wearing a hat and sunglasses when spending time outdoors, at Green Foot Mama we believe that true holistic sun protection includes harnessing nature’s protecting and healing powers to care for your skin.

Physical Blockers vs Chemical Blockers

Chemical sunscreens (aka, Oxybenzone, Oxtinoxate and Octisalate) were developed as a quick alternative to thick mineral sun blocking ingredients.  Although they’re convenient, they’re also extremely unsafe and about half of them are known endocrine disruptors.

Alternatively, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, are physical sun blockers – and the only active ingredient you want to see in your sun care products.  They’re naturally occurring minerals with large molecules that are intended to sit on top of our skin and act as a physical barrier from the sun’s rays.

Some formulations use Nano-Zinc Oxide – zinc particles that are crushed up further so that they are absorbed into the skin, to eliminate the pasty, white film.  This is concerning for several reasons.  The particles are made small enough to absorb into the skin, defeating the purpose of them acting as a repellent layer.  When absorbed into the bloodstream, the small particles can cause a range of issues.

The Solution

organic sun balm


This summer, opt for sun protection made from all-natural ingredients and devoid of chemical nasties like our Organic Sun balm.  It’s a 100% organic SPF 15 moisture balm made with 30% natural uncoated NON-NANO zinc. Without those harmful ingredients included in most other sun protectors out there, it’s perfect for the most sensitive skin types – even kids!  It also doubles up as luxurious after-sun treatment with relaxing lavender and sweet raw chocolate scents.  Yummo.

As with all Green Foot Mama balms, every ingredient in this sun balm is natural and certified organic. By using only natural ingredients and steering clear of harmful chemicals included in most traditional sunscreens, our Organic Sun balm not only nourishes your skin but also protects it.

I love Organic Sun..my 3yo and 5yo will happily stand still while I apply this to their little faces and i can confirm reports that they deliberately lick it from their lips it smells so good!…Its a lovely product, perfect consistency- not too thick so that it is hot and greasy, but it is thick enough that it stays on…does the job against sunburn too!

Stay safe this summer and don’t forget to take care of yourself.

How to do you stay sun smart?  What brands have you used in the past and what has your experience been like with them?

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