6 Uses for your Organic Sun Balm After Summer

It’s always a shame to see summer fade.  As the beach days and balmy nights make way for cooler weather, our skin prepares for the changes ahead. Don’t put away your Organic Sun balm yet!  Although our favourite sun balm is a before and after sun moisturiser, the many other uses and benefits of this nourishing formula are plentiful when the sunny season is over.

No doubt your skin suffered its share of heat and sun (or sunburn!) this summer.  Now is the perfect time to pause and take stock of its condition.  As a coastal dweller, my skin takes a beating with the hours spent outdoors in the ocean and direct sunlight.  This is the perfect time to begin replenishing and rebuilding your skin not only for the drying winter ahead, but for the next summer too.

Let’s get started!

How to use Organic Sun after summer

1.  As a skin barrier

Apply Organic Sun to skin daily, concentrating on the areas that were exposed to the sun (or sun damaged). Use on your face each night to allow the skin to draw on the powerful nourishing qualities while you sleep. Apply lightly by warming a small amount into the fingertips and massaging until fully absorbed and invisible.

2.  As protection against the cold

You can still use this deeply moisturising balm during winter to provide a protective barrier from the winter cold, as well as any effects of winter sun exposure.  Although the winter sun is less harsh, it can still damage unprotected skin.  This balm is also incredibly soothing for noses that have become sensitive from the drying effects of handkerchief or tissue action.

3.  As a daily facial moisturiser

The deeply moisturising properties of our signature base protects and replenishes the delicate skin of the face from cold, brittle conditions.  Our faces (and hands) are the most exposed during winter, and are most susceptible to seasonal changes.

4.  To support skin in harsh conditions

If you remain an outdoor adventurer during winter, then continue to use your Organic Sun balm as you would during the summer months.  For extra nourishment, try the deeply penetrating hydration of Organic Skin overnight.

5.  To soothe sensitive skin

Chafing, minor burns and irritations can really set the condition of your skin back.  Especially in winter when the skin is covered and cannot be aired as regularly to repair.  The high level of natural zinc combined with the powerful antioxidants of raw cacao and the soothing effects of pure lavender and chamomile makes Organic Sun balm a total hero for soothing irritated skin.  Keep one in your bathroom cabinet.

6.  For breakouts and shaving nicks

The old trick of popping toothpaste onto blemishes is really harsh and awful, so don’t do it!  For a more gentle and effective approach, cleanse the area and dab the culprit with Organic Sun balm.  The healing properties of natural zinc and pure essential oils of lavender, chamomile and myrrh soothe and help improve the effected areas naturally.  Any nicks that occur while shaving?  Apply the same method.

How do you like to support your skin health in the colder months?

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