Organic Skin Balm Cleansing Ritual

While it’s superb as an all-over, multi-tasking skin salve, our Organic Skin Balm also makes a perfect gentle cleanser.  This cleansing ritual will slough away heavy-duty makeup, leaving your skin soft, supple and simply delicious.

While soaps with a thick lather can strip the skin of its natural oils and cause breakouts, this 100% organic, natural cleanser assists in clearing congested pores, removing deep impurities and nourishing lacklustre skin without drying it out.

Try this at-home sacred cleansing ritual for a divinely petal-soft complexion morning and night.

  1. Start with dry hands and face (splash, lather and rinse is a thing of the past!).
  2. Gently massage the balm all over your dry skin.
  3. Wet a gentle muslin cloth with warm water. Place the cloth over the face and wait for the steam to open the pores. Breathe in the heavenly aroma of native botanicals and energizing essential oils.
  4. As you allow the muslin cloth to tenderly envelop your face, place your hand on your heart and affirm: “I AM WORTHY. ALL IS WELL. I AM AT CENTRE AND AT EASE.” This will instantly raise your vibration and relax the senses even more.
  5. Wipe away the day with the muslin cloth. If you are wearing heavy makeup, you might need to do a double cleanse.
  6. A quick splash of cool water will leave you feeling refreshed.
  7. Follow with your usual moisturiser and/or serum.

This sacred cleansing ritual is beautiful in the evening, but if you have dry skin, try it in the morning too.

What other skin cleansing rituals do you enjoy?

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