Improve Dry Winter Skin With These Tips

We all suffer from dry winter skin from time to time.  Enjoy these tips to improve skin hydration and health.

Being our largest and most sensitive organ, the skin is our most reliable marker for how hydrated we are. It also shows us how we are faring with the environmental elements that our modern day lives expose us to.

Dehydration can cause inflammation, redness and loss of collagen, which triggers premature aging.

Many factors cause skin dryness – hormones, weather, chemical exposure, diet and lifestyle. Whatever the situation that caused it, we have tried and tested solutions below. Read our tips and learn how to combat dryness, improve moisture and restore balance to your skin.

Use our moisture hacks below and you’ll be radiating hydration and skin radiance all year round!

Get Hydrated, Stay Hydrated

It really is OLD news, but staying hydrated is all about increasing your water intake.

Not just by the glassful, there are many ways to get creative.

Try to drink 2-3L per day.

Choose water EVERY time.

Then herbal teas, soups broths and consummes in winter

Use water as a base when making your smoothies, iced teas and popsicles in the warmer months.

Caffeine and salt are triggers for dehydration so try to minimise as much as possible.

THEN RETAIN IT! Replacing moisture is one thing, but keeping it is another. Air conditioning, internal heating, chemicals and toxin exposure, diet and even genetics contribute to moisture loss.


1. Moisturise twice a day

After a shower is perfect as the pores of the skin are more receptive to receiving moisture. Creating a natural and nourishing barrier against harsh weather and other elements will also assist in preventing moisture loss.

2. Exfoliate twice a week to slough away dead skin cells. 

This can help reduce flare ups of common skin irritations. Make sure your exfoliant is both pure and gentle.

3. Reduce long hot baths and showers

Hot water may feel soothing, but it strips the skin of its natural oils and this dries out the skin. Unless you use a filter, tap water usually contains chlorine and other additives. These tend to escalate the dehydration process. Instead, stick with warm shorter showers or soak in a warm bath for no longer than 20 mins. Add some ground oats, bicarb or even apple cider vinegar to reharmonise the skin. Purchasing tap and shower filters to reduce the chemicals in your water will also pay off in the long run.

4. Eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals

Avoid soaps and alcohol based products that strip the natural oils from the skin. Harmful chemicals can trigger dryness, and have a disturbing effect on our hormones. Being our largest organ, the skin takes only 20 seconds to absorb what we put on it. It is vital to choose pure products. Avoid synthetic and plastic ingredients and harsh chemicals to protect your long term health and well-being.

5. Protect your skin from the sun, even in winter

Enough said.

6. Get an early night

At night while we sleep the skin launches into major repair mode. If you reduce this vital restoration phase, your skin cannot fully repair. Lack of sleep also inhibits the body’s production of protective factors to combat exposure . This will result in lesser vitality and increased vulnerability of the skin.


1. Eat seasonally

It seems simple, but nature resonates with our needs. Eating seasonally and locally means that our bodies receive the appropriate supportive nutrients. For example eating oranges, avocados, berries and root vegetables in winter provides good moisturising fats and protective Vitamin C.

Making sure foods are chemical free and organic also eliminates toxin exposure and allows the body to work less to absorb more.

2. Get Oily! 

Including oils in our diets is crucial in maintaining the health of our skin.

Try including a spoonful of coconut oil in your next smoothie or chai.

Use cold pressed macadamia and olive oils in dressings and when stovetop cooking.

DHA fish oil is the top of the pops when it comes to Omega 3’s and treating inflammation in the body.

Another way to increase the healthy oils in our diet is to use raw nuts and seeds on cereals, and in baking, savoury and sweet dishes.

3. Make friends with Antioxidants

Get creative. Cacao as your hot chocolate base or in bliss balls. Drink white tea. Sprinkle goji berries on your cereal and throw blueberries in your smoothies. Taking Vitamin C daily also increases antioxidant levels to fight free radial damage. It also helps repair cells and fight inflammation.

4. Restore the ‘salt energy’ in your body

This is different to salt intake. The salt ‘energy’ is responsible for the water levels in your body. And its ability to absorb water more effectively. When the salt energy is diminished, our bodies can become dry – dry lips, hair, skin and even lady parts.

Taking Naturium Muriaticum restores and rebalances this energy so that our bodies can absorb water more easily. Consider consulting a reputable Homeopathic practitioner to find out more.

5. Get Vibrational assistance

Of course, this is meant in a therapeutic way! Plant and botanical essences can restore harmony and moisture to our cells. Sometimes it only takes one dose. I love the Australian botanical She Oak (Casuarina) for rehydrating the body and helping retain vital moisture.

Pamper Yourself with Green Foot Mama Balms

After sharing with you our top hacks to combat dry skin, it’s now time to let loose with some fun ways to use our Organic Skin. This will ensure a holistic approach to restoring harmony to your skin.

Discovering new rituals to pamper yourself is another bonus, after all, self love is self care!

1. Daily Moisture

After a shower apply to the skin in gentle, circular motions.  This balm supports stretching pregnancy skin to prevent stretch marks. You can also use it as a dry scalp treatment by leaving overnight and shampooing as normal the next day.

2. Intensive Moisture Face Treatment

Rinse face and décolletage with warm water. Apply a small amount of Organic Skin in circular motions. Leave for 20 mins. Grab a damp cloth and run under warm-hot water. Wipe off and rinse with cool water. This treatment has a built in moisture so there is no need to apply any afterwards.

3. Soothing Topical Treatment

Organic Skin Balm is suitable for all sensitive areas of the body. Including your face, eyelids and even after waxing, tattooing or breastfeeding. Apply to mild irritations and dry patches for a soothing, healing treatment.

The gentle combination of organic calendula and chamomile brings welcome relief to the skin.

4. Healthy and Pure Eye Make Up Remover

Use Organic Skin to remove makeup, and to restore moisture to the delicate eye area.

5. Luxurious Feet and Hand Treatment

Gently exfoliate hands and feet. Shower, then apply Organic Skin to both hands and feet prior to going to bed. Pop some pure cotton socks on to boost the luxury element of the treatment. Wake up with feet and hands that are deeply moisturised and super soft.

To get started on your well skin journey and purchase this multi-tasking replenishing balm, pop over to our store.

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With Warmth and Kindness, Olivia xx

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