Back to School Skin Essentials

Australia Day is almost upon us, so that means it’s time to think about going back to school.

Are you as ready for that as I am? I love the freedom of holidays with long, sunny days spent getting back to nature with the family.  Swimming, picnicking, camping – every day is a new adventure!   But by the end of the holidays I’m starting to struggle to keep my daughter busy and entertained day in and day out…

Skin Essentials

1.  Water

Our bodies are made up of over 80% water, so keeping hydrated is a must – especially in the heat of the Australian summer.  Make sure your child has a good sized, re-useable water bottle.  You can choose from many leak-free, insulated stainless steel or BPA-free options.

2.  Skin-Loving Food

Pack your child’s lunchbox with tasty nutrient dense food.  Fresh fruit and veggies full of vitamins and minerals will help keep any skin problems at bay.  Eating food that supports healthy, glowing skin is key, especially if your child has issues like contact dermatitis or eczema, or is going through hormonal changes and dealing with breakouts or acne.

3.  Green Foot Mama balms

Green Foot Mama holistic multi-use balms are 100% natural, loved by the smallest of adventurers and suitable for the most sensitive of skin.  They are effective, smell great and are easy to apply.  Our sturdy recycled PET plastic jars won’t get crushed or spill onto anything else when tossed into the bottom of a schoolbag and the generous sized mouth allows easy access for eager hands.

Organic Sun

“My kids LOVE it – my daughter takes it to preschool.. and one day when we forgot it, I got a phone call from her educator saying Elsie was crying and wouldn’t put the ‘white sun cream’ on. We call it the chocolate Sun cream. One tub lasts a long time too!” – Leia.

Organic Sunscreen Back to School

Kids love Organic Sun. It’s not greasy, rubs on easily, smells like chocolate and doesn’t sting eyes.

  • Provides SPF15 sun protection from both  UVA and UVB rays, which means you can stay in the sun without burning for 15 times longer than with no protection.  It also helps skin recover after too much sun exposure, soothing sunburn and hydrating parched skin.
  • Made with food-grade organic ingredients, 30% uncoated non-nano zinc and pure essential oils and free from toxic chemicals, fragrances and preservatives.
Organic Defence

“Organic Defence really works! I’ve finally found something that protects me and my family. No more rushing indoors at the end of the day, no more nasty smells, and no more wasting our money on products that claim to work, but don’t.”  – Stacey.

Organic Defence

Created to prevent attacks from biting insects and soothe pain and itching from existing bites while providing the skin with nourishment and hydration.

  • Safe for sensitive skin and delicate areas, including the face, and there is no need to wash off, unlike chemical based formulations.
  • Smells good, made from all natural food-grade ingredients and pure essential oils, does not clog pores or sting eyes – and a little goes a long way.
  • Doubles as a massage balm, rub into sore muscles after a long hard day.
Organic Skin

“I have 3 boys who are very active. Always grazing, bumping and hurting themselves. The Green Foot mama organic skin has become a very important part of our family. I use it on everything. It’s easy to apply and seems to do the trick. I love it!”– Jill.

Organic Skin Back to School

Organic Skin helps skin heal from cuts, scrapes and grazes. It soothes and hydrates dry, itching and irritated skin, and restores moisture to cracked heels or hands. Use it for the whole family!

  • Mum: gentle makeup removal, hydrating face mask, lip balm, promote nail and eyebrow growth, post wax/shaving, ‘mum hands’, stretch marks, breastfeeding nip balm
  • Baby: nappy change balm, cradle cap, baby eczema
  • Dad: beard balm, post tattoo care, after shaving
10% OFF

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