heal sore muscles

Heal sore muscles instantly with Organic Defence

Heal sore muscles with Organic Defence

Aching muscles rear their ugly heads at the end of a long, hard day spent at the office, with the kids or even on an outdoor adventure, preventing the good night’s sleep you need to tackle the next day.  They cause not only physical but also emotional, stress.  Sore muscles affect mothers, fathers, women, men and children alike.  How to heal sore muscles?  The best method – as with many pains – is to follow a natural, healing path.

Massage Sore Muscles Away

When muscles tighten (as they do when they’re overworked), they hamper the circulatory system.  This prevents nutrients from reaching the muscle cells in adequate quantities.  Lactic acid builds up in the stressed tissue, causing soreness.  So the first step toward bringing vitality back into your aching frame is to get the blood pumping into those undernourished cells.

Our 100% safe and pure Organic Defence Balm is the perfect massage accompaniment to tired, sore muscles.  The unique formulation contains a potent blend of essential oils and native botanicals harvested from Australia’s immense natural habitat and is suitable for every skin type. It’s especially perfect for camping, hiking or a day spent near the beach, as it also repels insects and acst as a relaxing and soothing solution to end-of-day aching limbs.

Release Stress, Promote Relaxation

As you massage this nourishing balm into your skin, do so with a specific intention and mantra in mind. I like to repeat the affirmation (silently or out loud): “I am safe and sound. All is well. My body is healed and happy, moment to moment”.  Besides of all the delicious aromas and natural ingredients, the very action of rubbing and massaging the balm into sore muscles is like a healing remedy for your body and mind.  The repetitive action releases feelings of frustration, helps your mind let go of all the day’s challenges and helps rid the body of ailments.

The Perfect Camping Companion

Our top tip: take Organic Defence balm with you when camping!  Apply to the face, arms, legs or any delicate areas and leave on the skin. All ingredients have been scientifically tested for efficacy in repelling mosquitoes and other nasty insects.  There’s no need to wash it off as it contains zero toxic elements and won’t sting eyes or clog pores.  The eucalyptus, black pepper and geranium scent uplifts spirits and helps to relax muscles.

Perfect for day-to-day warriors, adventure seekers, outdoorsy types and young children whose ‘growing pains’ keeps them up at night and in tears, this gem is a do-it-all must-have and provides a healing hand for  everyday ailments.  Other natural remedies to consider for sore muscles include Epsom Salt Baths, and Organic magnesium tablets.  Also, make sure to take time for lots of rest and replenishment!

What is your favourite remedy for healing aching muscles?

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