7 Eco-friendly Alternatives to Toys for Christmas

Studies show that the fewer toys children have, the more creatively they play.  But what do you give them as Christmas presents if not toys?

Ingredient Spotlight: Australian Beeswax – the Best in the World

It’s not easy to find the perfect natural ingredients to care for your skin.  After all, we need to be extremely careful with what we use on our bodies.  Did you know though that there’s a much sought-after natural ingredient right on our doorstep?  Natural remedies for skin treatment such as Australian beeswax are known to be very effective in maintaining healthy and hydrated skin. Australian beeswax is used in many skin care creams and lotions today and is one of our signature base ingredients.

How to Make Re-useable Beeswax Wraps to Decrease Waste

I like to minimise waste where I can – and plastic wrap has got to be the definition of single use plastic waste. In honour of plastic-free July I decided to have a go at making my own eco-friendly reuseable beeswax wraps. A quick google search found a number of tutorials and two different methods. I tried both methods to see which I liked the most.

Healthy Crackers for Guilt-free Snacking

Healthy Crackers for guilt-free snacking We’ve been enjoying glorious sunny weather in Byron Bay this winter, but brrr. It has been cold!  I don’t know about you, but cold weather always

Green Foot Mama Q & A

Answers to your questions. Do you have a question about Green Foot Mama or our balms that isn't answered here?  Let us know at [email protected] We love to hear from you!

Winter Skin – 3 tips to banish seasonal dryness

As the temperature drops, your skin is more prone to dryness - due to lower humidity, heavier clothing and indoor heating stripping moisture from your skin.  Here are three tried and tested solutions for reducing dryness, improving moisture and restoring harmony to winter skin.

New Mama

We have a new mama here at at GFM HQ: introducing Lisa...

Organic Skin Balm Cleansing Ritual

While it’s superb as an all-over, multi-tasking skin salve, our Organic Skin Balm also makes a perfect gentle cleanser.  This Organic Skin Balm cleansing ritual will slough away heavy-duty makeup,

The Best Essential Oils for Travel

When you start packing for your next adventure or well-needed holiday, don’t forget to include essential oils for travel! Essential oils promote a sense of wellness as well as allowing

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Byron Bay

Living in Byron Bay sure does have its perks.  Growing up surrounded by a smorgasbord of nature and healthy, delicious food, in many ways I’m not surprised that my life

The Transformative Power of Loving Yourself

Most people think of Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, flowers and exchanging presents. For me, February 14th isn’t just about showing your love to