tally of savings by going green

How To Save Money Going Green For The Planet

How I Saved Money Going Green

When I first began this journey, I had no idea I’d save SO much money by adopting a greener way of life.  Over $20,000!

My intention was to reduce packaging, give myself and my children a better quality of life – in health, relationships, personal values and by creating awareness of the environment, as well as our own ‘footprint’ in life.

I have to say that although sometimes testing, I am loving every step of this journey.

To be able to really hone in on my personal values and ethics, and not have to sacrifice the things I feel are important to myself and my family.

Benefits of the Green Foot Zero Waste Journey

I feel like I’ve almost created a new life for myself and my girls. Some wonderful advantages of my journey so far are:

  • Affording to eat organic, wholefoods etc with a sense of abundance, rather than guilt
  • Knowing that our personal and home care products are no-to-low toxicity
  • Being more conscious consumers, and being happy with ‘less’
  • Giving us all the opportunity to feed our creativity through hand making, crafting and adventuring in nature
  • An uncluttered, organised home
  • Connecting further into community for resources, support and wonderfulness!
  • Smaller bills, more in our savings account
  • The peace of mind that living simply and debt-free is achievable
  • Still feeling a sense of luxury in our daily life and rituals
  • Releasing negative emotional patterns and ‘clutter’, making way for new loveliness
  • Creating space and allowing time to practice gentleness and self-love
  • An extended sense of gratitude and more value placed on the folks in our life, and making the most of our time here on earth
  • Valuing money, instead of fearing it or dreading it

Admittedly, I am still a little shocked as I write this.

The past year has been quite challenging for us – fighting illness, post natal depression and exhaustion, and heartbreak by becoming a single mama and having some very treasured people pass away.

You name it, life has thrown it our way.

I feel even more certain now that by living life consciously, by participating in acts of service, kindness, embracing what the Universe gives us, facing our feelings no matter how hard or horrible, being true to ourselves and doing what we love – anything is possible.

My daily and weekly rituals of hand making baby balms, air drying clothing, cooking from scratch or even getting outdoors – all have become valued activities to my girls and I.

I love the thought of my girls having knowledge of how to care for themselves and others empowerment through skills and the confidence to ‘be’ for when they go out into the real world.

Speaking of the ‘real world’ it’s time to produce the facts. My actual calculations of both monetary and life changes that have resulted in savings I really never pictured being so, well….large!

Here goes…

Green Foot Mama – Number Crunching (EOFY)


Old Way: laundry liquid, fabric softener, stain remover, laundry soaker, clothes dryer
= $191 per month

Green Foot Way: savon de marseilles soap, pure vinegar, homemade powder/bulk liquid, air dryer
= $22 per month

Savings: $169 per month


Old Way: dish liquid, dish tabs, rinse aid, kitchen cloths, sponges, scourers, brushes
= $46 per month

Green Foot Way: liquid castille soap, bicarb soda, pure vinegar, reusable cloths, stainless scourer,
= $9 per month

Savings: $37 per month


Old Way: Toothpaste, synthetic toothbrushes, skincare, razors, waxing, sanitary items
= $252.95

Green Foot Way: handmade toothpaste, wax solution & skincare, reusable pads, menstrual cups and waxing strips, reusable cloths (cleaning), bicarb soda, pure vinegar, savon de marseilles soap
= $41 per month

Savings: $211.95 per month


Old Way:  store bought organic, retail/packaged whole foods, online ordering, take away/go out drinks & meals etc
= $1480 per month

Green Foot Way: farmer’s markets, grow our own, bulk co-op buying, hand making staples from scratch, organic, eliminating packaging, reducing grains and dairy, good food storage systems, stainless water bottles, reusable travel cups, thermos
= $725 per month

Savings: $755 per month


Old Way: doctors appointments, unused medicines, store bought sunscreens, rubs, salves
= $80 per month

Green Foot Way: holistic approach, food as medicine, homeopathics, bush flowers, handmade products, no wastage
= $13 per month

Savings: $67 per month


Old Way: disposable items ie: wipes, nappies, purchasing new clothing, toys, books, gifts, keeping unwanteds ‘just incase’
= $350

Green Foot Way: selling unwanteds, donating, swapping, giving, hand making, mending, crafting, free activities, more nature-inspired adventures, using toy and book libraries
= $75

Savings: $275 per month


Old Way: gas, electricity, electrical appliances, power/water usage, normal power
= $223 per month

Green Foot Way: power saving globes and boards, no more stand-by power, power points off at wall, reduced clothes drying and other electrical appliances, switch to green power
= $106.75

Savings: $116.25

Proceeds from selling unwanteds: $383.50 per month (avg)

Total savings each month: $2014.70

Total savings for the year: $24,176.40 (!!!!)

I am SO excited now to see what I can do in the year ahead.

I sincerely hope that my little efforts and information sharing have been helpful to each of you in some way.

I would love to hear of your own personal journeys and discoveries.  Comment your thoughts below.