A dark and cluttered room

How To Get Rid Of Clutter For Good

While we’re all guilty of forgetting to put items back where they belong, or shoving things back into an already over-flowing cupboard to hide away mess when guests are visiting, clutter is not something we should learn to live with. In fact, studies have found that clutter can have a negative impact on both your mental and physical well-being!

Despite this, a recent study has found that the average adult has not decluttered their home in two-and-a half years!

If you’re part of this demographic but have decided to make a positive change, you may be concerned about the literal ‘mountain’ of clutter you have sat before you.

But don’t worry – there are plenty of steps you can take to get rid of clutter for good so that you can enjoy a healthier home!


Be Ruthless.

The first step to decluttering your home for good is being as ruthless as possible when sorting through your belongings.

While you may be feeling sentimental, there are only so many items you can hold onto indefinitely, meaning you have to be a little selective in this regard.

As a general rule, it’s often time to part ways with something if

  1. You haven’t used it in the past six months and
  2. You don’t envision using it for the next six months

Invest In Additional Storage.

Investing in additional storage, such as shelves or furniture with built-in storage compartments, means that you’ll be able to eliminate clutter, as there will always be a place to store your belongings.

This means that they’re more likely to be tidied away than they are to find their way onto your countertops or flooring! As such, you’re less likely to be greeted with clutter each time you step through the door.

In addition to this, you may also benefit from investing in a local storage unit, especially if your home or apartment is on the smaller side. After all, this means that you have much more space at your disposal. They are particularly useful for storing seasonal items, as you can simply swap out the contents when necessary and avoid unnecessary trips back and forth to your storage unit when you need something.


Spend 5 Minutes A Day Decluttering.

It can sometimes feel as though clutter creeps up on us. One moment, your home can appear incredibly clean and organised; the next, you can barely see through the clutter surrounding you.

The easiest way to remedy this is to spend a little bit of time each day decluttering!

This should take no more than five minutes each morning or evening, during which you move through the home and ensure that everything is where it is supposed to be.

Remember, this is not necessarily something that you have to do independently, either. Everyone in your house has a role to play.

For example, you could encourage your children to take charge of decluttering their home or playroom.  Not only is this a great way to get rid of clutter, but it also means that you’re teaching them to be more responsible, too.

I find it works best a few weeks before Christmas or a birthday.  I simply give my daughter an empty box and say that we need to make room for gifts by giving away the toys and books she doesn’t love or use any more, so they can be loved by someone else.


Photo by Alex Russell-Saw on Unsplash