The Green Foot Mama Story So Far…

Let me tell you a bit about Green Foot Mama and how it changed my life.

About Green Foot Mama

Hello, I’m Lisa.

When I moved to Australia from the UK, my skin suddenly became inflamed and itchy. It took a while to realise the childhood eczema I thought was behind me forever, had returned.

But why? I went through the common triggers… My diet was largely the same. I wasn’t under any particular stress. Surely it wasn’t the weather? True, I was using some different body care products – but I felt like I was pretty good at reading labels and making informed decisions about what I was putting on my body.

It turned out my label reading was not up to Australian standards.

It was while looking for a natural eczema treatment I discovered the very products that are allowed to claim to ‘treat’ skin issues such as eczema are not required to list all their ingredients.


And that the very same ingredients can be named in four different ways on product labels. Well that makes it difficult to avoid ingredients you already know irritate your skin!  (Take a look at the blog to learn why this is the case and how to make informed decisions).

I was lucky enough to be given a tub of Green Foot Mama Organic Skin by a friend who had come across it at Byron Bay markets.  I liked that it had a short list of recognisable all-natural ingredients, and that it quickly improved my eczema.  It soon became my pregnancy and new baby go-to.

Fast forward a few years and I went from loyal Green Foot Mama customer to proud business owner.


Green Foot Mama was born when our Founder, Olivia, was trying to find natural, pure and organic products for her daughters’ skin sensitivities.  She was shocked at how harmful many of the brands we know and ‘trust’ are and used her background as a whole foods chef and alternative therapies practitioner to create skin care we can all have faith in.

Green Foot Mama balms are safe and suitable for all ages and skin types, especially sensitive skin. The range is especially formulated to provide multiple benefits and includes sun care, insect protection, nourishing skin restorer and all-purpose travel companion. The balms use certified organic, fair trade and natural ingredients, are free of nasty chemicals, and hand-made in small batches with minimal processing.

The balms meet NICNAS standards and our Organic Sun Balm is ISO 24443 and ISO 24444 compliant.  It has been independently SPF tested and registered accordingly.

But Green Foot Mama is about so much more than just the balms.

It’s about caring for our families naturally.

It’s about making informed choices about what we buy and using our conscious spending to shape the world we want to live in.

It’s about simple changes in the way we live and leaving a greener footprint.

It’s about protecting the environment for the future of our planet… the future of our children.

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to offer you quality products that can be trusted.  By choosing Green Foot Mama, you become part of a worldwide movement treading a path towards earth-positive change – ethical, sustainable and cruelty free.


Green Foot Mama balms are made from organic extra virgin coconut oil, local beeswax and fair trade Shea butter for nourishment of the skin.

We use pure high quality essential oils and carefully selected native botanicals for nourishment of the mind and soul.

Our ACO certified coconut oil is extracted using hand tools rather than damaging chemicals or machinery to ensure purity. Our Shea butter is harvested by local growers and certified fair trade.

Our native botanicals are distilled using pure elements such as the sun for retaining purity and healing vibrations.

Our products contain ONLY

  • Certified Organic Coconut Oil
  • Natural Beeswax
  • Certified Organic Shea Butter
  • Uncoated nano-free Mineral Zinc Oxide
  • Certified Organic Cacao
  • Pure Essential Oils of  Black Pepper, Calendula, Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus, Myrrh, Red Ginger
  • Native botanical essences + vibrational extracts

and are therefore free of the chemical nasties so damaging to our bodies and the environment.

Even our grow-to-love-em jars are made from 100% recycled PET plastic and use 30% less energy to recycle (although its easy to find ways to reuse them too) and the processes we use have been developed so that we are as low waste as we can be.

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