Organic Sun Balm


Totally natural and safe for all skin types, this non-greasy organic moisturising balm is made with natural uncoated NON-NANO zinc and tested SPF 15 to Australian Standards providing broad spectrum protection. It contains no chemicals, fillers, perfumes, synthetics or other eye-stinging evils.

Chocolate and lavender scented, Organic Sun is deeply moisturising and power packed with antioxidants to protect against harmful UV rays and oxidative damage. It can also be used as a soothing after sun treatment that will leave skin nourished and petal-soft.

Organic Sun Balm is non coral reef bleaching, so precious marine life and our oceans are nurtured whilst your skin is protected.


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How to Use
Holistic Benefits

     What can I use this for?

    • Deeply luxurious sun balm that conditions and smoothes parched skin (before and after)
    • SPF15 moisturiser for face and body
    • Heat, sun and wind affected skin
    • Skin rubbing caused by clothing and/or wetsuits
    • Skin food barrier suitable for sensitive skin types
    • Leaves skin softly scented with notes of cacao and lavender

    SPF 15 facts:

    • SPF 15 filters out 93% of incoming UVB rays
    • Prevents skin burning by 15 times the length of time it usually takes for your skin to burn without the use of sunscreen

    ISO 244443 and 24444 compliant.




  • For outdoor adventures: Rub in hands and apply to body and face 20 mins prior to heading outdoors.  Reapply every two hours or as required.

    For sensitive skin: Apply topically and leave overnight.  Our bodies enter healing mode when we sleep, so you can relax and dream sweet dreams while your body and Organic Sun work their magic together. Wake feeling nourished and nurtured.  We highly recommend this for soothing sunburn.

    As a replenishing skin food barrier: Apply day and night to the body and face to assist the skin to protect and nourish.  The cooling lavender and additional native botanicals help relax your body’s largest organ, the skin, while the raw cacao and natural zinc provide a much needed antioxidant boost.  Apply directly to skin that has experienced rubbing and chaffing for additional nourishment and support.

    Use within 6 months of opening.

  • Releases fears, tension and promotes self-acceptance. Opens and balances the heart chakra and nurtures the soul’s relationship with the earth.

    Calls upon us to face life with vitality and confidence, so we can embrace each day with the knowledge and comfort that we are blessed components of the infinite circle of life. Like bathing in the healing light of golden sunrays and feeling enveloped with warmth and unconditional support as we embody our Divine self with an open, strong and compassionate heart.

  • Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*, natural Cera alba (beeswax), Vitellaria paradoxa*, uncoated nano-free mineral zinc oxide, Theobroma (cacao)*, pure essential oils of Lavendula angustifolia (lavender), Commiphora molmol gum oleoresin (myrrh) and chamaemelum mobile (chamomile) and native botanical + vibrational extracts.

    *certified organic


What People Are Saying About Us

Hi, I bought the organic sun at Lennox Head last week, I absolutely love it, I used it morning and nightI just love it on my face and even feel younger. Don’t worry I am spreading the word. Cheers.
Susan, via web submission

I highly recommend Olivia’s sunbalm. I have been using on my 3.5yo for the past two summers and it is great. He reacts terribly to supermarket sunscreen but Olivia’s SPF moisturiser is very light and gentle on his skin
– Lisa Jane, via facebook

Thought I would share this in case anyone has been hunting for a great sun balm. I have just found THE BEST SPF moisturiser from Green Foot Mama. It stays on, it’s 100% organic, natural safe, cruelty free and it works…passed the sweat test….smells good too
– Suni, via Facebook

Things don’t get much better than Green Foot Mama’s fabulous extra virgin organic coconut oil and natural zinc oxide balm. This non-greasy formula can be used as a soothing balm, as well as an SPF moisturiser
– Helen Hawkes, The Northern Star