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With Easter holidays coming up, and school holidays hot on their heels, I’ve been thinking about nature play.  Now that my daughter is in pre-school, she is not spending anywhere near as much time as she used to playing outdoors, enjoying nature.  So I want to make sure she gets some opportunities to enjoy unstructured play outside in the holidays.

I remember school holidays as seemingly endless days of running free with my friends.  Playing in the long grass, rolling down hills, climbing trees, paddling in the creek… There were only 2 rules 1) Look after my sister and 2) be home before sunset.

Our lives have changed since then… With busy schedules and smaller back yards, outdoor free play has become increasingly replaced with organised sports and indoor activities.  Children are becoming disconnected from the earth and mother nature’s gifts.

Guest blogger Amie-Jane Hankinson shares how she makes time for getting back to nature with her family in this post.

And here are a few simple ideas for encouraging your children to play outside these holidays.

When you do send them outside to play, make sure they’re protected from the sun and biting insects with our all-natural balms.


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“I absolutely love !  Purchased to use on my boy when he was newborn over 2 years ago and now use it on the whole family. None of us have been sunburnt whilst using this product and my daughter who has extremely sensitive skin has never had a reaction unlike many other so called ‘safe’ sunscreens.”

– Becky B.

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On the blog…

Learn how to save both money and the environment Using soap nuts for your laundry.

Photo Competition
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