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Essential Oil Safety

Hello friends

Do you use essential oils in your home?  How is your knowledge on safety?

I’ve had essential oil safety on my mind this week after a friend caught her toddler getting into her usually-safely-tucked-away box of essential oils after a knock on the door.  Little ones are so quick to get into stuff they know they’re not supposed to when your back is turned…

No harm done, she caught him before he managed to get any lids off, but we had a sobering chat about what if he had…

Later that day I saw a facebook post about a little dog that had a toxic reaction to some tea tree oil being diffused in the home.  It’s been a LONG time since I first started studying essential oils – think last century (cough).  My first course in aromatherapy covered safety, but I don’t remember it going into essential oil toxicity for pets we share our homes with.

And as more people are learning about the benefits of using essential oils in their homes, they are becoming increasingly available in shops.  Our local chemist even stocks them.  But they don’t necessarily come with full information on safe usage.

So I thought I would share a free email course on essential oil safety in case you need a refresher or know someone who does.  And if you are unfortunate enough to experience an adverse reaction to essential oils, here is the Tisserand Institute guide on what to do about it.

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