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7 Truths About Pre-Loved Shopping

Do you hate shopping for clothes?  I do. The shops are full of “fast fashion” where the latest styles are available for low prices for just a few weeks before being replaced by new items.  It makes my head spin!

If you’re looking for a more sustainable alternative, pre-loved clothing might be the way to go.

ingredient names

What Is That Ingredient Name Anyway?

You know you want to avoid chemical ‘nasties’ in your personal care products. Everyone is warning you about ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, phythalates and SLS.  But when you read the label, how do you know what ingredients they are?  How do you know what the label is telling you?  

ingredient labels

Not All Labels Are Equal

Do you read the ingredients of body care products before you buy? How do you decide which products contain undesirable ingredients and which don’t? Regulation in place to protect us in Australia also confuses things, making it harder to know what you’re putting on your body.

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